A beginners guide to Milton Keynes

Whether you are just a visitor to Milton Keynes or looking to move to the area, this article looks at the things that people love about Milton Keynes and why.

Green city

The first thing that struck me when I first came to Milton Keynes wasn’t the roundabouts, or the grid roads, or even the concrete cows – it was the sheer amount of greenery everywhere you look. Unlike any other large town or city, Milton Keynes has a plethora of natural space – parks, lakes and woodland areas. You can go for a walk around one of the many lakes and feel like your in the countryside, but then walk further and discover a bustling centre of culture, entertainment and shopping.


Central Milton Keynes is host to the UK’s 15th largest shopping centre, with almost 300 stores spread out over 1.75 million square foot. With leading brands alongside local businesses, there’s something for everyone. Only yesterday I had my hair cut in a quaint barbershop with a village like feel, before grabbing a Pret and visiting the Apple Store.


Bicycle. The often neglected mode of transport due to the fact it involves effort, but one that is perfectly suited to Milton Keynes, with cycle paths (known as redways) across the entire city, cleverly ducking and diving over and under roads – even a nervous cyclist can feel comfortable. However, MK isn’t as flat as one may imagine. A seemingly simple cycle from Wolverton to Campbell Park really tests your cardio! For those lacking energy – there is great bus links across the area.

Leisure and culture

Bowling, cinema, skiing, climbing, skydiving – not only activities you can do in MK, but ones you can do under one roof at Xscape (pictured above). In addition to this, there are a number of gyms, swimming pools and an ice rink across the city. Across the way from the mighty Xscape dome is the Theatre District, comprising of (yes, you guessed it) a theatre and an art gallery, along with a variety of bars and restaurants.


Living in MK couldn’t be easier. There’s new build properties popping up across Central Milton Keynes, and also across the outlying districts. For those not bothered about new build, each ‘cell’ is different, offering great amenities for residents to enjoy. For the temporary visitor, there are plenty of hotels across the centre with great transport, business and leisure links.

This guide is by no means exhaustive, and if you have more to say – we’d love to hear from you.

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