Surf and slurp.

Perhaps one of the most juxtaposed business in Milton Keynes is internet cafe-cum-coffee shop XpressoNet. Hidden away inside the modern and metallic Xscape building, XpressoNet is the complete opposite – a vibrant coffee house, decked out with posters, mirrors, ornaments, cushions, fairy lights and my absolute favourite – a coffee themed table lamp.

Established in 2003, XpressoNet does it all – whether you need to surf the web, have a business meeting, meet up with a friend or just grab a coffee to go – this is the place to be. And if you don’t trust us, just ask the 91%* of Trip Advisor reviewers who rated XpressoNet either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

But the most important thing about a good coffee shop is, of course, the coffee. Step aside Starbucks and Costa, you can keep your ordinary tasting commercial coffee to yourself. We’ve sampled a number of beverages from XpressoNet, and all were great tasting – and what’s even better is that they offer cinema goers a discount – so maybe re-think your pre-film beverage next time you pop to see a movie.

Any coffeeholics out there will appreciate not just the coffee they’re served, but how that coffee has been served to them. Some baristas lack a smile, but not here. A personal touch goes a long way, especially when the end result is a good coffee. The staff at XpressoNet have always been friendly, welcoming and approachable – which isn’t always the case in the national chains.

Whilst you slurp on whichever drink you decide on from the vast menu, you can also surf the web for free on your own device or jump on one of the pc’s for just 5p per minute. You can also print and copy for reasonable prices. And if you’re in the for long haul – there’s some great food on offer too!

In summary: Well priced, good tasting coffee, in a great atmosphere.

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