Why visit Milton Keynes?

For the last fifty years, Milton Keynes has been the punch line to many a jokes surrounding roundabouts, cycle paths and it’s innovative approach to, well, most things. But as the city grows, so does the list of reasons to visit this thriving metropolis.


It is almost impossible for the city’s leisure facilities not to top the list of reasons to visit MK. As you arrive in the city centre, you cannot miss the Xscape building, housing an indoor ski slope, health club, bowling complex, cinema and indoor sky diving. Beyond the centre itself, are are plethora of other recreational facilities – including a trampoline park, climbing centre, racing simulator, golf clubs, watersports centre and theatre. Each of these venues alone, are enough reason to make an excuse for a day out to Milton Keynes.


Another quirk of MK, is it’s shopping facilities. Unlike most regional shopping centres, which are based in out of town locations, centre:mk and intu Milton Keynes are positioned slap bang in the middle of town. A problem, if the city design was based upon London, but not a problem for MK, which has ample parking – with even more in the pipeline. Both centres are continuing to expand and improve their facilities, plus there are a number of other out of town shopping parks – such as MK1 and Kingston which add the vast range of retail outlets available in the city.


In addition to the many leisure and shopping facilities that MK has, there are also a considerable number of tourist and visitor attractions in the area. Bletchley Park, the home of the codebreakers, is one of the area’s most popular and well known spots. Woburn Abbey and Safari Park brings history and wildlife together, Milton Keynes Museum has an eclectic mix of exhibits and Gulliver’s Land is Milton Keynes’ very own theme park for children.


It is a common misconception that Milton Keynes is just concrete grids, roundabouts and dull landscape. Milton Keynes is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, with tranquil, undulating terrain, fantastic lakes and generous parks which allow you to very quickly escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Caldecotte Lake to the south of the city is flanked by lush greenery and a windmill, with Willen Lake home to the Peace Pagoda and Tree Cathedral.

Food and drink

In addition to the standard high street chains you can find anywhere, Milton Keynes has an emerging food and drink scene. You can sample fantastic brunches at the likes of Nonna’s and Aqua, or pop into trendy new dessert joint Kaspa’s. Fast, but high quality food from the likes of Wrapchic and the many food stalls within centre:mk are also worth visiting for.

When you take a step back, and look at Milton Keynes from afar, you can stop counting how many roundabouts you’ve crossed to get there, and admire the sheer number of opportunities there are to get the most out of one of the UK’s youngest cities.