Espresso or latte? Here’s our top coffee hotspots!

Coffee. We can’t live with out it and I’m sure if you’ve got this far, neither can you. We also know that a few coffee lovers prefer to get their caffeine kick somewhere off the beaten track (or maybe just anywhere but Starbucks). So here’s two of our favourite independent coffee hotspots in Milton Keynes.


Perhaps one of the most quirky of our top two is internet cafe-cum-coffee shop XpressoNet. Hidden away inside the modern and metallic Xscape building, XpressoNet is the complete opposite – a vibrant coffee house, decked out with posters, mirrors, ornaments, cushions, fairy lights and our absolute favourite – a coffee themed table lamps. Even in this day and age, there’s still something quite cool about an internet cafe.

Marlborough Street, MK9 3XS

Bogota Coffee Co.

Tucked away neatly off a tributary of Mortimer Square (more commonly known as The Hub), lies a speciality coffee bar which has ‘no back office, no bigwigs, just a collection of coffee geeks keeping people happy and the cows busy’. This place really is cool. It’s got a chilled out vibe, big leather couches, wooden decor and a buzz of chatter and smiles. You know a good coffee bar when wine and beer is also on the menu.

4 Rillaton Walk, MK9 2FZ







We’ll be adding to this list over the next weeks, so we’d love to hear your favourite places to grab a coffee, tweet us @MKGuide.