Consultation launched to build a happier and healthier future for Milton Keynes

A new consultation is now live online to gather the opinions of residents on the draft Health and Wellbeing strategy.

The strategy is spilt in to 3 separate sections and has been devised by the Milton Keynes Health and Wellbeing board*, made up of representatives from across different health based organisations.

The sections of the strategy are:

Starting well – This area focuses on what happens from pregnancy up to the age of 2 and then into young adulthood. The aim is to strengthen our children’s social and emotional skills and encourage a healthy lifestyle
Living well – We want to do all that we can to make our city a great place to live and work – research shows that all these things can affect physical and mental health.
Ageing well – The population aged 85 and over in MK is predicted to increase by 86% from 4,300 in 2017 to 8,000
in 2030. With this in mind, we need to do all that we can to adapt and meet the needs of this increasing section of our city. We must use all the resources and technologies available to take care of both the physical and mental aspects of their health.

Residents, organisations and communities across Milton Keynes are being asked to consider the content of the strategy and to help shape its priorities via a short questionnaire.

Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB), Councillor Peter Marland, is keen to involve everyone: “A happy and healthy start can make such a difference to everyone throughout their lives. I am also glad that there is a focus on mental health in the strategy as well as physical health. I would encourage everyone that can, to comment on the strategy for the good of the whole community.”

Dr Nicola Smith, Vice Chair of the HWB added: “We have worked with professionals across all areas of health and wellbeing to come up with our strategy. It is now crucial that we have input from our residents in all areas of the city, to help make this a living document that can help to change lives now and in the future.”

The consultation is online at:

The consultation is open for comment until February 2017